Episode 60: How Doreen Made 30K in ONE Month!

Episode 060

This is a very special episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast as I’m joined by my client, Doreen Korba, who will share with you how she reached 30K in our first month working together! She’ll share why she decided to work with me, what the experience has been like so far, and how she was able to reach that 30K goal. 

Doreen is a life and business coach for female entrepreneurs. She felt sharing the female entrepreneurs need that support for mindset and overall balance in their lives. Before she started her own business, she was working in the corporate world in marketing, but felt there had to be another way after her first baby was born. Now, Doreen is a mom of four beautiful children and living a happy balanced life!

As you know, I’m not just about sharing numbers that my clients reach. I like to break down how we hit big milestones so that you can apply the learnings to your business. I felt this would be a great episode to share with you because I like to be completely transparent about my journey, behind-the-scenes items, and client successes. 

Let’s dive into Doreen’s journey!

“What made you invest in a coach?”

“It’s never too soon to hire a coach. I hired a coach before I even was a coach! I knew I could self-coach myself, but felt like something was missing. To get myself to the next level, I needed someone to help me with my mindset and to challenge me to achieve goals I never even thought were possible.”

“What led you to work with me?”

“I have been watching Michelle since we attended the RISE conference. I was noticing my mindset was not where it needed to be. I saw a post in Michelle’s Facebook group about one of her client success stories and it was just relatable to the point I felt it was speaking to me and knew that I had to connect with Michelle. 

Secondly,  during our initial call, I asked Michelle what her goals were and was pleased that her goal was a big one…because it meant she was practicing what she preached. While on the call, Michelle asked me: “Imagine how far you can go with a coach if you’re hitting big goals right now on your own?” After that question, I realized that she was completely right and I had to let my fear go out the window. I loved that she challenged me in that way.

“Where was your mindset before we started working together?”

“When I went to RISE in November, I had my lowest income month…leading to a very unmotivated mindset. I felt I was at a point of either figuring this out or going back to the corporate world (which is not what I wanted). I had a goal to hit 15K in a month. I started to work with Michelle in January. I hit 15K mid-January after just two weeks working with Michelle! I couldn’t believe it. This was a huge shift for me and having Michelle’s support to get me out of my head (and my own way) is what ultimately led to me reaching that 30K month.

One big takeaway from hearing Doreen share her story is this: she ended up working with me because she saw just one post. It was a post that she didn’t engage with…in fact, I had no clue she was watching. You guys, it is crucial to show up and take action every day because you never know who’s watching behind-the-scenes. Engagement isn’t always indicative of who will work with you – in fact, some of the most serious people are the ones watching you without engaging and waiting until they’re ready to invest.

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