Episode 58: How to Build Authority Online (with Makayla Ervin)

Episode 058

This is a very special episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast as I’m joined by guest Makayla Ervin who will share tips for how to build authority online. If you want to be seen as an expert online, then it’s critical for you to show up like one. Makayla and I talk about how to do that so you can stand out from the noise and attract the high-ticket clients you’re after.

A little bit about our guest…Makayla is a Brand Activation Strategist specializing in personal brand development and audience connection. As a visionary leader with a knack for bringing ideas to life, her calling is helping you create the business of your dreams without sacrificing your life to the hustle.

As a retired photographer turned business coach, workshop leader, community builder, and entrepreneur extraordinaire – her best days are spent in the sunshine with her 2 blonde headed boys and handsome husband before getting down to business and guiding women like YOU into greatness. 

Here is a special freebie from Makalya for all of our listeners: bit.ly/authorityquiz 

Okay, let’s dive in!

A few mistakes you might be making when building authority online…

  1. Trying to be everything to everybody

This might resonate with you if you’re trying to attract all different types of clients and not staying focused on your niche. This is a very easy mistake to make as there’s so much noise out there, but you need to stay true to who you are and what you’re offering. 

FEAR is natural. You might be fearful that there’s not enough ideal clients, but there is…it goes back to creating that authority and trust in yourself. If you cast a wide net with your audience, chances are high that you’re excluding the right people. 

“If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one.” – Makayla Ervin

2. Not showing up

If you’re not showing up with valuable content, you’re not going to become an authority in your niche. Building authority requires you to be present with your audience on a consistent basis. You have to put yourself out there and be seen. You have to educate your audience and be confident in your message to build authority. Remember – people are ALWAYS watching (even if they are behind-the-scenes). Not showing up = no authority. 

Why is authority important?

Building authority doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no exact time frame when it happens. People think they are given authority after a number of years of experience, but that’s not how it happens. You have to put the “authority crown” on your head first before others will believe in you. You have to show up as the expert on day one even if you don’t feel like one. The size of your audience doesn’t make you an expert – it’s the VALUE you provide.

Want to connect with Makalya and get more tips to build authority online? Follow her on Instagram @mrsmakaylaervin.


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