How to Attract Dream Leads

Episode 055: How to Attract Dream Leads

Dream leads are people who are ready to invest in working with you. If you have a system for bringing in dream leads, you will never be at a loss for clients. In this episode, I share my 3-part system for attracting dream leads. This is the same system that I used to hit 6-figures in my business, and the same system I’ll be using to reach 500K this year.

In order to bring in clients, you need to get in front of people and to connect with more leads. So before you pivot your business, ask yourself this: “Do I just need more leads in order to land more clients?” You just probably need to show up, market, and bring in more leads…not necessarily change your entire offer.

Here’s the exact 3-part system that I use and teach my clients:

Think of your marketing as a road trip. Your destination is your dream client. You have to know who they are and where to find them…which means you need a GPS. The gas is your messaging or the content that you put out when talking to your audience. In order to get to your destination, you have to rev your engine and drive! This is why I call my lead generation system the “REV” system:

1. Reason

You have to give people a reason to follow you and join your “hub” – which is the main place where your ideal clients can connect with you and learn more about what you do. For example, my hub is my Facebook group, where I get 95% of my clients.

You can attract dream leads to your hub through a piece of content, such as a resource or a training that addresses the immediate needs of your audience. This could be a challenge, webinar, video series, etc.

2. Educate

You’ll educate your leads through your messages/content. Your content needs to:

a. Grab the attention of your audience

Speak to their current challenges and what they want most. You may ask them a question or drop a truth bomb by giving them some tough love.

b. Address their objections

If you want to convert leads faster on discovery calls, you have to address the objections they have to solving their problem in your messaging. This in turn shows them that they need you to help them see what’s going on and overcome their beliefs about why they can’t have the thing they want.

c. Show he transformation

Describe your own journey to your audience. Take people behind the scenes of your business or talk about your client’s success stories. Talking about success is inspiring for the right people.

“Think of your content as the gas to your marketing vehicle. Without it, your vehicle is not going to run and you’re not going to land new clients.” – Michelle Vroom

3. VIPs

These are the people who are really interested in what you have to offer and are ready to invest right now. When you put out your content and message, certain people will start engaging with you over and over. Add those people to a lead tracker so that you can prioritize nurturing your relationship with them.

How do you build a relationship with them? This looks like following up or letting them know they’re on your mind. You can check in to see how they’re liking your content, offer a new resource, or offer to hop on a call and chat through their challenges. Show them you’re a human and that you care.

It’s important to note that some VIPs might be hiding behind the scenes. They may never engage with you until they’re ready to buy. Don’t base your entire marketing strategy on how many likes or comments you get on a post – keep showing up, especially for the people who are watching you without you knowing it!

If you have a system for bringing in dream leads, you don’t have to convince people to work with you. You can make money whenever you want. If you want this type of freedom, join the Market Like a Boss Facebook group where you can find an entire video series called “Accelerate Your Leads”, which outlines my lead gen system in more detail. I look forward to seeing you there!

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