Episode 031 How to Become a Sales Expert

Episode 031: How to Become a Sales Expert

Today we welcome special guest Ryann Dowdy to the show! Ryann is a sales coach, revenue mentor, and founder of Uncensored Consulting. She helps business owners overcome their negative mindset around sales and increase their revenue.

During this episode, Ryann shares the top 3 sales myths she hears all the time:

  1. Sales is something we do to someone.

  2. Sales is about being convincing or persuasive.

  3. Sales has to be spammy.

“We take someone through a journey and at the end of it we help them make a decision.” – Ryann Dowdy

Ryann brought up a great point during our interview: no one should be surprised to find themselves in a sales conversation. When connecting with potential clients, you need to earn the right to ask for permission. Don’t sell to someone who doesn’t know that they are in a sales conversation.

Other sales misconceptions we discussed:

  • If someone wants to work with you, they’ll reach out. People are busy and distracted and follow up is so important! If you’re not following up with potential clients, you’re literally leaving money on the table.

  • Thinking the person you’re selling to is of higher stature. They may have the money, but you have the answers!

The only two things you need to be successful in sales are empathy and listening. People want to feel heard and understood. The key to building relationships is to give without asking. You want to provide value for people without expecting anything in return. But be aware that building relationships does take time and there are no quick fixes.

Ryann also shares the 3 most common sales objections (that I’m sure you’ve heard more than once!):

  • I can’t afford it.

  • I have to think about it.

  • I need to talk to someone else about it (boss/husband/business partner/etc.).

Lucky for us, Ryann walked through her simple 4-step framework to overcome sales objections & land clients faster:

  1. Empathize

  2. Clarify

  3. Revisit

  4. Ask again

Ryann goes deeper into this framework in her Facebook group, Sales Skills for Women in Business. This is an AMAZING group with tons of sales insight to help you land clients with ease.

To connect with Ryann and learn more, visit her website, https://uncensoredconsulting.com/.

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