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Episode 028: How to Get Better Clients

If you are not sure why you’re bringing in people who just want free advice, just want to pick your brain, or don’t want to invest, I have a few tips to make this process a lot easier for you.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to suggest you throw out everything you’ve been doing in your marketing. These are subtle shifts you can make to start bringing a better quality client your way.

What can you do to make sure you’re attracting the right people?

1.  Be sure you are reaching the people with the greatest need

Not everyone who fits into your target audience has the greatest need for your services.

You need to target people who have suffered enough that they are ready to make a change and they know that they need help doing it.

Who has the greatest need for your service? It may not be the people that you think. You might be reaching pre-clients, people who will need what you have to offer but they’re not ready for it yet.

“So stop trying to reach everybody who has a need, and focus on the people who have the greatest need.” – Michelle Vroom

2.  Make sure your messages speak to people at the right stage and caliber of business

If you’re using words like “affordable” and “cheap” and “just starting out” when you’re trying to reach someone who has been in business at least 3 years and has a 6-figure income, that’s not going to work!

What happens is you draw in people who are just focused on the discounts, and then you wonder why people won’t invest with you. It’s because you’re attracting those people by talking about it and focusing your messaging on it.

Go back through your messages on your website, social media posts, and emails, and identify any “no-no” words.

3.  Make a list of “no-no” words and phrases

This is a list of words and phrases that you should never use in your marketing because they attract the wrong people. This will save you so much time and sanity!

If you go back and look at the things that you’re putting out there, you may find that you are focused on the things that you don’t really want to be focused on.

“What does your audience need to hear? Who are the right people? Just speak to them directly.” – Michelle Vroom

Even just replacing a couple of words could mean all the difference for you in terms of the quality of client that you bring in.

4.  Pre-qualify your clients

Are you pre-qualifying the people that you talk with? If you are a service-based business, chances are you have discovery calls with people to determine if you’re a good fit. If you’re getting on calls with anyone who asks this could be a problem.

I now have a questionnaire that I use to determine if people are ready to work with me and if I’m the best person to serve them.

If you already have a questionnaire, maybe you need to revise your questions or include additional questions.

Your questionnaire will be a work in progress; you will update it regularly as you do more and more discovery calls.

I hope these four things will start to shift the kinds of clients that you bring in. I look forward to hearing from you; you can always email me at michelle@vroomcommunications.com.

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