Episode 010: 7 Things to Let Go in Your Marketing

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When you let go of the stuff that’s no longer serving you it’s going to allow you to show up in a new way with your audience. It’s going to allow you to truly connect with them without the weight of all the pressure, anxiety, and fear that you’re carrying around.

You will be better able to serve your clients and your potential clients if you can learn to let go of these seven specific things:

1: Your desire to serve everyone

When you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one. Sharing the same message with different groups of people means no one is connecting with you because what you say to one group doesn’t apply to the others.

You need to speak to the people who have the greatest need for what you have to offer. Who is that person for you?

  • Who are they?

  • Where are they in their business?

  • What characteristics describe them?

If you don’t commit to marketing to that person, that person is going to stay stuck.

Just because you commit to a particular audience doesn’t mean you can’t serve others who don’t fall into that audience. It just means you’re prioritizing your time, your effort, and your resources to serving the person with the greatest need.

2: Self-doubt

Otherwise known as imposter syndrome, self-doubt is killing your marketing.

If you are acting out of fear and self-doubt, you are repelling your ideal clients because you don’t really believe you can serve them.

To truly let go of your self-doubt, you have to understand where it comes from.

  • Where does your self-doubt come from?

  • What situations have happened that have triggered this?

  • What actions and shifts do you need to make to move past it?

3: Perfection

Perfectionism is a hard thing for a high achieving female entrepreneur to overcome! Perfection is something we’re all striving for but we’re never going to get, because there is no such thing!

We need to redefine progress. If we’re so focused on things being perfect, we spend so much time behind the scenes and not enough time out there talking to our audience.

The need and desire to have things perfect means there is some fear around it not being perfect.

You have to ask yourself:

  • What is that fear?

  • Where does that fear come from?

Don’t let the desire for perfection keep you from taking action.

4: Comparison

“How can you get clients, the right clients, when you are so busy comparing yourself to what other people are doing?” – Michelle Vroom

Other people may have a different audience, a different business structure, be in a different stage of business, or completely different industry. So you’re not even comparing apples to apples.

What triggers your comparison? Take steps to put boundaries in place now to protect yourself from those triggers, or at least minimize the aftermath of those triggers.

5: Your corporate smokescreen

A corporate smokescreen is when you are putting up a wall between yourself and your audience because you believe that you have to come across as professional at all times. You can’t let people in and get vulnerable, so your marketing feels very robotic and not at all human like. I

When you have a corporate smokescreen up, you don’t attract the right clients because you are not being genuine. People want to do business with humans.

  • Why are you putting up a smokescreen?

  • What fear is causing you to not own your expertise, your business, and what you’re offering?

 You have to be confident in WHO you are if you want other people to be confident in you.

6: The Outcome

We put so much pressure on doing and saying the right things in order to get clients.

“Stop worrying so much about how you’re going to reach your goals and just keep moving forward!” – Michelle Vroom

We can do as much planning as we want. But the only way we can truly get clarity is by taking action.

The outcome may look completely different than what you could have imagined so you have to give up some element of control and put yourself out there.

7: Your desire to sell, your definition of sales

Let go of your definition of sales and your need to convince people to work with you.

  • How are you showing up with your audience right now?

  • How are you defining sales?

 You’re already selling whether you realize it or not. And if you have a bad definition of sales, you’re probably fulfilling that definition. You’re not showing up engaged and trying to help people because you’re so focused on your own fears and poor definition of sales.

 Don’t withhold something your audience needs because you don’t want to come across as salesy. If you want to help and serve people then you’re already selling!

What are you letting go so you can make more space in your business for clients? Drop me a line at michelle@vroomcommunications and let me know! The right clients are out there waiting for you and if you’re so busy holding on to this stuff you’re not able to attract the people who need you the most.

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