How to Create Captivating Content in 5 Minutes

Many women tell me they struggle to come up with content for their audience. This post will solve that problem once and for all!

In this post, I’m going to help you come up with new ideas for your content in just 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes (it’s completely possible).

The exercise I’m describing here is one that you can revisit any time to come up with more content when you need it. I can’t tell you how much this exercise has helped me when I needed to come up with new content for my own channels and was feeling uninspired.

Ready to create that content? Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Free write your ideas

Grab a piece of paper and jot down any and all ideas that come to mind when you think about sharing content with your audience.

Here are some questions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • What do you want to talk about?

  • What topics are you passionate about?

  • What is your audience asking questions about?

  • What are they struggling with?

Just keep writing, there are no wrong answers here. Don’t censor yourself and don’t label any ideas as good or bad. It’s all important!

Step 2 – Create content pillars

Now we’ll organize all of your ideas under content pillars. Content pillars are themes or categories that you want to focus on and become known as an expert in.

Go back through your list and identify common themes or categories. Those will be your content pillars. You should select approximately 4 or 5 (no more than 5 or you’ll feel overwhelmed).

Step 3 – Determine your topics

Go back to each content pillar and brainstorm 3-5 topics that relate to that particular category. If you’re having trouble ask yourself these questions:

  • What does my audience need to know about this category?

  • What are the common myths/misconceptions about this category?

  • Why is this category important?

  • What do I want to say about this category?

Remember: give yourself permission to talk about what you want to talk about. You are the expert and you know best. Don’t focus on what others are saying about the topic – focus on you own unique perspective.

Once you’ve completed step 3, you should have anywhere from 20-25 topics listed. Be sure to keep this list saved somewhere where you can access it regularly and update it as you get new ideas.

Now you’re ready to write about these topics and schedule them ahead of time! The beauty of having content pillars is that you can choose a specific theme or category for a week’s worth of social posts. At the beginning of the week you can map out your posts and tie them back to one of the pillars to keep things organized and batch your content. You’ll be surprised how much time you save.

Hopefully this post gives you some new ideas for content that will help you connect on a deeper level with your audience. Happy creating!

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