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Episode 96: You’re the Secret Sauce

Everyone wants to know the “secret code” for landing clients. I’ve had so many clients ask me what they’re missing because they’re not landing the clients they want or getting engagement on their posts. They always think it’s their offer, their messaging, their audience, etc. They’re convinced that there’s some secret code they don’t have and that once they crack the code, their marketing will be filled with rainbows and sunshine.

Not the case, my friend. Turns out YOU’RE the secret sauce. You already have the code. Now you just have to use it 😉

  • No one code that works for everyone. No cookie cutter. Stop hunting for short cuts. Enjoy the journey of getting to know your audience.
  • People want relatable, not perfection. You’re so busy censoring yourself that no one gets the real you.
  • People are drawn to how someone makes them FEEL vs. what you say or where you say it
  • When you love how you’re marketing, it will always work. ANy number of platforms can work
  • You’ll never give up, which means you’ll always win. Most successful women work it till it works.

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