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Episode 86: The thought that made me 6-figures

Want to know the #1 thought that made me a multi 6-figure business owner?

It wasn’t: “I’m amazing at what I do.”

It wasn’t: “Clients are on their way to me.”

Ready for it…?

It was: “I’m going to work this until it works.”

Yep. That’s the driving thought that has made my business $300K and counting. It’s the thought that has led to me doubling my income this year. And frankly, it’s the thought that will make me a million dollars.

Why? Because working your strategy until it works is what leads to REAL growth. All the gurus and experts would have you believe that real success happens overnight. Not the case, my friends. Long lasting, sustainable success comes from tweaking and refining. From making what you’re already doing well work even better. It comes when you learn from your mistakes and the things that didn’t go the way you expected.

If everything worked perfectly 100% of the time, we would never grow. We would never have the space to get better at our craft. We wouldn’t build up any endurance. And believe me – you need business endurance if you’re planning to make a massive impact on the world.

I truly believe that this thought is the one that makes all the difference. I also believe it’s the lack of this thought that keeps talented women spinning themselves in circles chasing the next shiny object because things aren’t working the way they want them to.

What if you committed to working your strategy until it works?

What if you stopped expecting overnight success?

How much longer would you stick with your strategy?

How consistent would you be in showing up for your audience?

How much more FUN would you actually have in your marketing?

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