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Episode 81: 10 Ways to Reach Your First $100K

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss podcast, I’m sharing 10 steps to reach your first $100K in business. Becoming a 6-figure business owner in 2019 was a huge achievement for me and has led to so many amazing things in my life. It’s led to the purchase of our family’s dream home last year, it’s allowed my business to provide for our family when my husband was out of work due to COVID, and it’s allowed me to hire my first full-time employee.

If getting to $100K is your dream, then this is the episode for you.

Let’s dive in!

Step #1 → Understand WHY you want to reach $100K

A lot of women set big goals, but don’t understand WHY they want the goal in the first place. In order to reach a big goal, you have to know why you want it. You have to be emotionally connected to it. Why is $100K important to you? What will it allow you to do?

Step #2 → Identify your money fears

Making more money is not necessarily a positive thing. Maybe you grew up in a home where making more money was bad. Maybe you’ve seen family members or friends change negatively when they started making more money. You can’t make more money if you’re afraid of it – so to get to $100K you have to address those fears.

Step #3 → Go all in one audience and one offer

I’ve talked about why niching down is important before. Going deep vs. wide allows you to serve your audience in a bigger way and attract clients who are excited to work with you. It also makes you known as an expert in your subject matter. If you’re constantly bouncing around from audience to audience or offer to offer, people will be confused. And when they’re confused, they don’t buy.

Step #4 → Be bolder in your messaging

Lukewarm messaging does nothing for your marketing or business. In order to attract the dream clients, you have to get comfortable with saying bold things. With taking a firm stance. With not trying to be everyone’s best friend. As soon as I got comfortable giving people tough love, I stopped attracting clients who weren’t committed to doing the work or just expected instant results. Which meant my clients got BETTER results and stayed with me longer.

Step #5 → Commit to growing your audience

It’s no secret that my FB group has made me a LOT of money. The reason it’s made me a lot of money is because I committed growing it. I showed up consistently every day. I offered a ton of value. Growing your audience is like an insurance policy for your business – it guarantees you’ll land clients whenever you want. And that’s true freedom, my friends.

Step #6 → Talk about your offers

If you want to reach $100K, you’re going to have to get really comfortable talking about your offers. The reason most women aren’t comfortable doing this is because they don’t really understand the transformation they offer. They don’t understand how what they do can change someone’s business or life. The sooner you understand your transformation, the sooner you’ll be comfortable sharing your offers. 

Step #7 → Manage your mind

You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if you’re not managing your mind it means nothing. Our thoughts dictate our actions – which means your thoughts better reflect the $100K goal you’re working toward. Examples of thoughts that lead to $100K: there are plenty of clients for me to serve, people are lucky to work with me, making $100K gets to be easy and fun. Thoughts that WON’T get you to $100K: I have to hustle to land clients, I can’t help my clients get results, I need to undercharge just to land a client, I have to work more hours to make more money, I don’t want people to think I’m salesy.

Step #8 → Put strict boundaries in place

Comparison will not lead you to make $100K. If you want to be a 6-figure business owner, you’d better put boundaries in place around where you hang out, how you spend your time, who you follow, etc. If anyone triggers self-doubt or anxiety, unfollow them immediately. Your mind is the most important business asset you have.

Step #9 → Act like the woman who’s already making $100K

The reason I got to $100K in my business was because I acted like the woman who made $100K. I made decisions from that perspective vs. my current reality. Often those decisions meant investing in things that felt scary. I did things before I felt “ready” because I knew that I would never feel 100% ready. Stop saying that once you reach $100K you’ll invest in the coach you’ve been wanting or you’ll hire a team member. Do it BEFORE you get there because that’s how you get there faster.

Step #10 → Get help

I did NOT get to $100K alone. I’ve invested in my professional growth every single year. I’ve worked with a coach, attended conferences, and invested in programs that would take me to the next level. I also got support from family to help with childcare and hired out for cleaning, etc. I knew I couldn’t do it alone and I didn’t try. Friends, you can’t DIY your way to $100K. Get help with your blind spots and focus on the stuff you’re really good at. 

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