Episode 68: How to Make Money Everyday with Allison Hardy

This is a very special episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast as I’m joined by guest Allison Hardy to discuss how you can bring automated leads and make money while you’re sleeping.

A little bit about our guest…Allison is the creator of the 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast, contributor to Huffington Post, and has been featured in WFS Magazine. She’s also a mom of two children, Camden and Nora.

Let’s get started…

Allison, tell us a bit more about your journey.

“I had my dream job and was on track for my ten-year as a professor at a local college, but things changed and I was laid off at six months pregnant. I was completely scared, but ended up starting my own business. I started a part-time personal training business and started working with my friends. It happened very quickly and it was working out for me financially. Shortly after, I realized I was interested in fitness and nutrition, but the business side of things and moved into my next business.”

Let’s talk about hustle…how do you get out of that space?

“I don’t think hustle is bad, but it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re launching a new service or product, short-term hustle is necessary, but there should be a balance. I like to say hustle with rules.”

Tell us: how you get to the point of making money while you sleep?

“I developed a system to make money everyday because I didn’t want to hustle 24/7. Things changed when the pandemic hit and I knew my kids would be home from school. I cancelled my live launches, but wanted to still hit my goals. What started as an experiment became a sustainable lead gen system that works.”

Tell us about your automation system.

“First, it’s important to know this system is a long-term process. It doesn’t happen overnight. I created a lead magnet where a potential client can download a free resource in exchange for their email address. Their email gets captured and then they are put into a nurture system. Some things you want to include in a nurture funnel are links to your recent blog post, podcasts, resources etc., as well as a behind-the-scenes look at your life.

From here, the lead goes into a habit-base funnel where there are triggers that go off based on the actions you want them to take. When they take the desired action, they will be put into a pitch sequence so they can receive customized content that converts them into a future client.”

What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to funnels?

“I think the number one mistake is that people think it’s going to work right away. There will be times where you send 100 people into a funnel and it doesn’t convert. You can’t give up. For example: instead of getting discouraged, look at your subject line…do you need to change it? Just look at the statistics and make changes from there.”

“No matter what you do in marketing…it never works right away.” – Michelle Vroom

“You need to hustle with rules.” – Allison Hardy

Tell us about the results you have seen since you implemented your system.

“I knew that for 2020, I wanted to make money everyday. I have achieved that so far apart from two days back in March. Sometimes, your days vary based on how much you make, but I’m still making money. As far as my clients, I had one client implement this system and she has a very specific audience for her business. She ended up landing her first client for a new program she was launching and was able to retain her as a client. When she hopped on a call with her new client, she had shared what she loved about her email funnels and that helped my client make tweaks to what her audience needed to see to convert more clients.” 

I want to address another misconception about automated lead generation systems – which is that they don’t bring in qualified leads. Ideally if these potential clients are going through the funnel from start to finish..they are already highly qualified and need what you have to offer.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start their lead automation system?

“I think it’s a matter of fine-tuning your marketing. What does your audience need to hear from you? What should they know about you? It also is important to highlight small wins that you have hit as a business owner. People love results and they want to see results. Not all funnels will work, but you need to do your research. What keywords are you using? Did you share your value? Did you have a catchy subject line? These are all things you have to consider when you start your lead automation system.”

 What tools do you use?

“I use Convert Kit for email marketing, Squarespace for my website, and Deadline Funnel for timers. These have all worked for me, but there’s so many out there!”


I hope you ladies enjoyed today’s podcast! Just remember, it’s completely possible to make money everyday without working 24/7.

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