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Episode 260: How to Run a Live Event with Jen Kline


Join us for an exciting episode as I sit down with my past client Jen Kline to uncover the secrets of running successful virtual events and conferences.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How to determine if now is the right time to do a live event
  • Common mistakes to avoid when organizing and hosting live events
  • The benefits of hosting live events for your business growth
  • Actionable steps to kickstart your journey into hosting your own virtual events


Tune in now to gain valuable insights and expert tips on running engaging and successful virtual events!


About Jen:

With a driving passion for people, Jen Kline is always looking for ways to love and help others. Jen started Line of Hope Creative Solutions in 2019 as a way to do just that and began to see the importance of virtual conferences. She now creates magnetic communities, powerful connections, and increased revenue for businesses seeking unique ways to serve their audience by helping host virtual events. Jen is a devoted Christ follower, a wife, mom of 5, sister, friend, bookworm and a french-fry enthusiast.


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