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Episode 256: Overcoming Comparison: Finding Joy & Freedom in Your Business with Melanie Birky


Comparison is a common struggle that can hold women back from fully showing up in their business. Join me in this week’s episode as I chat with special guest Melanie Birky about how to stop comparing yourself to others and discover more joy and freedom in your entrepreneurial journey.


We discuss:

  • The increasing prevalence of comparison in the online industry
  • Strategies for dealing with comparison when it arises
  • How to show up authentically and with more freedom in your marketing efforts


Tune in to gain insights and actionable tips to help you overcome comparison and thrive in your business!


About Melanie:

Melanie Birky owns a life coaching business, Coaching with Melanie, and runs a Signature Coaching Program, The Journey to Personal Freedom. The program helps successful women of faith business owners change their relationship with themselves so they can learn to truly rest, enjoy their life of success, and have meaningful relationships. 


Prior to becoming a coach, Melanie was the CEO and co-owner of Star Martial Arts with her husband, Seth. After experiencing a staff walkout, Melanie realized that although her professional and personal life had reached high levels of success, she had created a lifestyle that was exhausting, stressful, and unfulfilling caused by roots of insecurity. Melanie then began the personal development work of changing her relationship with herself by exploring God’s perspective of her. This process of transformation launched her into her purpose and passion to help other women just like her do the same through her coaching program.


Melanie loves to go after goals and maximize life. She is a 5-time martial arts world champion, a triathlete, a world travel lover, and an adoptive mother of 3, but is most proud of who she is and is continuing to become as a person, the lifestyle she has created, and the connection with the amazing people she has in her life!


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