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Episode 253: From 0 to 6-Figures: How Chaitra Built Back Her Business After Maternity Leave


In this week’s episode, I’m joined by my client Chaitra Radhakrishna who shared her journey on going from 0 to 6 figures and then pausing her business for 18 months while she gave birth to her son and went on maternity leave.


We chatted about:

  • What it REALLY takes to reach 6-figures
  • Why Chaitra stopped her business when she went on maternity leave (and what went into that decision)
  • The thought that helped her build her business back up to 6-figures


If a 6-figure business is on your radar, this is a MUST listen.


About Chaitra:

Chaitra is the founder of Pinkpot Studio which is a Shopify design studio for product-based businesses. After taking a long maternity break, she got to rebuilding her design studio in Jan 2020 and within a year was able to scale her income to 6-fig by booking consistent high-end $10K website projects while working less than 20 hours/week. She believes that being kind, doing good work and working from a place of rest can go a long way in growing a business. She is on a mission to help other web designers raise their prices, design high-end websites and scale their income by doing what they love.


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