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Episode 249: How to Make 6-Figures From a Group Program with Anna Walker


In this week’s episode, I’m joined by my past client, Anna Walker who shared her journey about taking her group program from 0 to 6-figures in one year.. 


We chatted about: 

  • How she knew it was time to start a group program
  • The highs and lows throughout her journey (including her first launch)
  • What’s changed in her business since starting a group program


About Anna:

Anna Walker is the founder & CEO of Walker Strategy Co., a marketing coaching & website agency devoted to serving mental health therapists & counselors. WSC is focused on helping therapists market their practices in ways that are simple, effective, and authentic to them. Anna started WSC in 2019 and has served over 3,000 therapists through her paid programs & services.


Want more from Anna?

Be sure to check out her website.


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