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Episode 228: How To Book More Sales Calls (Encore)

On this week’s episode of the Like a Boss podcast, I’m discussing how to book more sales calls (otherwise known as discovery calls). If you’re not getting clients consistently, I’m willing to bet that it’s because you do not book discovery calls consistently. 


Newsflash: if sales and marketing isn’t your thing but if you’re in business and you want to land clients, you have got to get on the phone and talk to people.


Let’s dive in, shall we?


Why do we resist booking discovery calls? 

It goes a lot deeper than just not knowing our strategy or not knowing how to offer a call.


I think many women struggle to book discovery calls because they’re afraid of hearing the word ‘no’. We get so defensive, upset and we take it personally. And If you’re someone who ties your identity to your business and your self-worth to your success, hearing a no can actually threaten your identity.


What needs to happen is to re-frame the ‘no’.

‘No’ doesn’t mean they hate you and they don’t want to work with you.  A ‘no’ is simply a word, and it just means not right now. It doesn’t have to mean anything about who you are as an expert and how good you are at what you do.


If you can start to shift and re-frame the ‘no’, you’re going to get more comfortable hearing it. In order to shift the fear of hearing the word no and book more sales calls, we need to shift our thoughts and perspective around our beliefs about how many clients are available. 


To market the sales calls, you need to get really clear on why someone should hop on a call with you. Talk about the transformation of what’s possible once they get on a sales call with you. Spoiler: it’s almost always clarity and understanding of what their problem really is and how to fix it. People don’t want more calls. They want CLARITY about their problem. They want SOLUTIONS. If you can explain how you’ll deliver that on a sales call, then you’ll book them a lot faster.


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