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Episode 208: Stop Thinking About Your Business 24/7 with Sarah Allred

Do you struggle to turn off your brain?

Are you always thinking about your business…even when you’re with your family?

This week I’m joined by special guest Sarah Allred to talk about how to stop thinking about your business 24/7.

We chatted about: 

  • What keeps us thinking about our business 24/7
  • How to design the life you want
  • How to set boundaries so you’re not always working
  • Why now is the best time to be in business

About Sarah:

Sarah Grace Allred is Disrupting Marketing. The world is marketing to women using masculine strategies. This does not work. Her brand, VictressTM Marketing addresses 72% of buyers, which are women, and helping businesses connect with women in a real, authentic way.

With a Top 30 Business Podcast on Apple iTunes, her greatest accomplishment is building her empire while maintaining a strict 12-hour work week that celebrates FRIDAYS off to swim with her kids. Sarah is a highly sought after Strategy Coach with clients from all over the world.

Using Sarah’s unique Victress Marketing system, clients are able to escape “salesy” marketing strategies, spend less time at the computer, and grow their business in a way that lets them take Friday’s off. In fast, MOST of Sarah’s clients work less than 12 hours a week!

Sarah Grace is determined to help women in business dominate in without “The Typical Grind”, and without sacrificing their family, faith, or integrity. Sarah is living proof that if there was ever a time where women could “have it all” – that time is now. Sarah has been married to Greg for 14 years, is a mother to 4 kids, and is thrilled to have the chance to show you exactly how to make this happen for you – starting today.

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