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Episode 198: How to Stop Getting the Money Objection

When my clients come to me frustrated during a launch it’s usually because they’re hearing a lot of no’s.

And one statement drives them crazier than anything else.

“I can’t afford it”. 

They spin themselves into a cycle of worry and fear…thinking that their launch is a failure, that they’re reaching the wrong people, etc.

What if the people saying “I can’t afford it” actually ARE ideal clients?

And what if you knew how to handle that objection with ease and calm.

When you know how to address the money objection, you will get to the heart of what’s really behind it and therefore you’ll know how to address other objections.

In this episode I talk about:

  • The truth about money objections (and what they mean about the person giving them)
  • Why we hear the money objections
  • Practical tips on how to respond when someone says they can’t afford to work with you. (spoiler: this does NOT involve telling them to take out a second mortgage or max their credit cards).

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