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Episode 171: How to Unplug From Your Business

I went on vacation last month and completely unplugged from my business.

We’re talking everything – no emails, no social media, etc. I even removed the apps from my phone entirely.

I’ve never really done this before. Even before I started my business when I worked in agency and corporate, the definition of “unplugging” during vacation was strapping your phone to your fingertips so you could still check in to email every day.

This was new for me – and if I’m honest, a little nerve wracking. But it was necessary and much needed to be able to have clear, focused time with my family.

And it was amazing. Seriously amazing. Not being on social media for 8 days kept my head clear and gave me so much perspective. It helped me stay rooted in the present and in watching my kids enjoy the beach. I slept better and felt better overall.

My business didn’t fall apart, either. Far from it. My team kept things running while I was out, my clients are celebrating incredible wins and I had an application to work with me 1:1 sitting in my inbox, along with a few messages and emails from people interested in my mastermind opening August 8.

Most importantly, this time away has only inspired me to be even more of an example of what freedom looks like. I want to give every woman the ability to unplug the way I did and still make money. I want to give every woman hope that she can be a provider while being fully present with her family.

In this week’s episode, I talk about how to truly unplug from your business. 

I chatted about: 

  • What unplugging from your business means
  • Why we don’t unplug
  • Why unplugging is the best thing for your business
  • What unplugging looks like and action steps you need to take

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