Episode 152: My 50K Month

Episode 152: My 50K Month

January was my first 50K+ month.⁣

What’s interesting is that it was also one of the hardest months I’ve had personally. Our family was sick for most of the month and I also didn’t have childcare for the first half. I felt like things were super chaotic behind-the-scenes almost every day. Yet my business was still able to run and gross my highest revenue month ever.

In this episode, I share a behind-the-scenes look at how I got to a 50K month despite all the unexpected curveballs life threw my way. 

I also share:

→ How to keep going in your business when the kids get sick, schedules are thrown off, nannies quit, etc.

→ What happened last year that led to me getting to a 50K month in the first month of the New Year

→ The truth about low and high revenue months (that most coaches won’t tell you)

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