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Episode 143: Letting Go of Hustle Culture with Erin Harrigan

I’m joined by special guest, Erin Harrigan, who is a speaker, coach and focuses on the power of trading in self-reliance for surrender to make God your business partner. As a recovering driver and striver, Erin teaches ambitious women of faith how to redefine hustle and pursue success in God’s way to experience freedom from overwhelm, overachievement and under fulfillment.

In this episode Erin and I talk about how to redefine hustle and put God in the front center of your business.

We discussed:

  • Why women attach their self-worth with stuff
  • How to change your definition of hustle (despite what the online world tells you)
  • How to handle when we mess up

Check out the interview I did on Erin’s podcast where I talk about finding freedom in your business and how you can keep God at the center of your business and life.

Want more from Erin? Go and follow Erin on Instagram and download her free guide, 4 Keys to Redefine Hustle.

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