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Episode 126: There are no flukes in business

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard clients say, “That was a fluke.”

Some say it after they hit a big milestone month.

Some say it after they land a new client.

Some say it after they sell spots to their program.

Truthfully, this phrase is a protective mechanism. If we say that something was a fluke, then we don’t have to be held responsible when we can’t replicate that success again. It’s also a way to avoid failure – if success was a fluke, then there’s no need to try and go after bigger things and risk failing on a bigger scale.

In this episode I talk about why there are no flukes in business and how to build more trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Here are some things to consider next time you think something was a fluke:

— Success is repeatable. Whatever you do can be replicated over and over again…if you look at WHY it was successful. When we put pressure on ourselves to have another big month or land another client, we don’t take the time to look at why we were successful in the first place. We’re in competition with ourselves to prove whether we’re capable of reaching that success again. Success is never a one-time thing. In fact, if you look back over your entrepreneur journey so far, you’ll be able to see WHY you were successful just based on the actions you’ve taken to-date.

— You are deserving of every single good thing that comes your way. Often women say something was a fluke because deep down they don’t believe they actually deserve the good thing that came their way. It feels uncomfortable to be successful. Instead of looking at why you don’t deserve it…how about looking at why you do? What evidence do you have to show that you deserve the success that came your way and that you worked hard for it?

— Failure is an important part of business. It’s a necessary part. You can’t avoid failure by saying something is a fluke. It doesn’t make you any safer from failure or any more comfortable. In fact, saying something was a fluke actually INCREASES your risk of failure because you’ll be less likely to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. True failure happens when you don’t try at all. Did you fail if you didn’t beat what you made the month prior or land another client in the same amount (or less) time than before? Of course not! Business growth is not linear. If you stopped challenging yourself to beat arbitrary goals and started telling yourself how much you’re capable of, I wonder what would change?

The words we say to ourselves dictate our business growth more than the actions we take. “That was a fluke” doesn’t build trust…it takes away from it. If you want to build up trust in your ability to grow, then you need to look for a different phrase. One that reveals endless possibility. One that doesn’t require you to constantly beat your previous record. One that leaves you open to making mistakes and learning from them.

Here are some questions to ask if you’re struggling with feeling like your success is a fluke:

— Why do you think it’s a fluke? What evidence do you have?

— What are you scared will happen if success is NOT a fluke? What is that belief keeping you safe from?

— If success weren’t a fluke, what would you be doing in your business right now?

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