3 Reasons Your Audience Isn’t Taking Action

3 Reasons Your Audience Isn’t Taking Action

Let’s talk about the reasons why your audience may not be taking action.

It is easy to feel discouraged if your audience is not taking action. That’s why so few people talk about it. But I want to normalize this part of the marketing process. Sometimes people won’t take action. Sometimes they won’t engage with your posts. If you can get out of your own head and approach it with curiosity like a detective would a case, you’ll find that it’s much easier to make necessary tweaks to your content without all the drama.

Here are 3 specific things that can help you identify why your audience isn’t doing what you want them to do…

#1 – You don’t really WANT them to take action.

You may say you want clients, but do you really? Typically women are afraid to get new clients because there is a fear they may not be able to deliver. This is why they aren’t as clear about the actions they want their audience to take (a.k.a. signing on with them). They hold back because it’s way more comfortable NOT to get a client than risk getting a client and under delivering.

Or maybe you have a negative view of success. You think if you’re successful at landing clients and having big money months that you’ll be working 24/7 or forced to do things you don’t want to do. 

I’ve also seen women hold back because they’re not all in on the offer you’re putting out there. People will sense if you’re not excited about your offer or your business. Remember – excitement and confidence are contagious.

One of the best things you can do is look at where you might be holding yourself back from getting new clients and why. Picture yourself actually getting a client. What thoughts come up? How do you feel? That will tell you a heck of a lot about why people aren’t jumping in line to work with you.

#2 – Your messaging is not aligned with your audience.

Maybe you don’t really know who your audience is or you haven’t truly committed to a particular audience. This means your messaging is cloudy and confusing. If you’re confused about your messaging, then your audience will be confused too.

Getting clarity around WHO you help and HOW you help them is the key to having messages that attract the right people. It’s not enough to say you want to attract a certain client – you need to tell that person what’s in it for them. How will their business or life be transformed after working with you? 

Remember, people don’t necessarily want all the details about the features of your offer, how many calls are included, Voxer support, etc. They want to know how things will be different afterward. They want you to paint the picture of the future for them…so you better roll up your sleeves and get to it.

#3 – You’re not telling them HOW to take action.

This is such a simple concept, yet so few are doing it!

People need direction. They want you to TELL them the next step to take. Are you giving direction in your content or are you expecting your audience to figure it out on their own? 

Your audience can’t read your mind. Tell them the next step you want them to take (otherwise known as a call-to-action). Only give them one step…not five. If you give them too many steps, they won’t take any action.

If you’re struggling to give your audience a clear call-to-action, let’s look at why. Typically there is some type of fear involved. Example: maybe you’re afraid to offer the discovery call because you’re worried it will make you seem salesy. Or you’re worried you’ll hear the word “no” and you don’t think your confidence can take another hit.

Instead of focusing on all the things that could go wrong on a sales call, think about the opportunity you have to give your potential client guidance and direction on how they can solve the problem they’ve been struggling with. 

One of the best ways to position yourself as an expert is to act like one. Tell people what step they need to take to solve their problem. Tell them how you can help. If they view you as an expert from day one, they’re more likely to hire you.

Which step are you going to focus on in your content? Drop a comment below & let us know

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