Episode 051: 6 Beliefs You Need to Make 6 Figures

For many women, reaching six figures in their business feels overwhelming and impossible. I get it – in fact, I used to be in that place. But here’s what I discovered: getting to 6-figures isn’t about what you do…it’s about how you think.

In this empowering episode of the Market Like A Boss podcast, I share with you the 6 beliefs you need on your road to six figures:

1. Believe that more success is possible.

“Success hangover” happens after reaching a certain milestone in your life and business. You start doubting if it’s possible to have more success or if you can even sustain it. Remember that success is repeatable. Look back at all of your accomplishments and see the evidence that you can do it again and again!

Your dream clients are inspired by your success, not threatened by it. Be bolder on your message. Don’t be afraid of being judged by other people because of what you have achieved. Talking about your success inspires the right people who are committed to grow their business.

2. You’re the boss, not an employee.

Do you feel like you’re not in control of your business? Are you overworked and underpaid? It’s your business and you are in control! Don’t work with someone just because they’re willing to pay you. Target the people whom you are passionate about working with. Show up where you want to show up.

Moreover, set up strict boundaries for yourself. Take care of your body and mind. Protect yourself from things that trigger negative thoughts and feelings. Stop comparing yourself with other people.

3. The right clients are watching and they want to invest.

You might pull back because no one showed up for your live or commented on your post. 6-figure business owners are consistent in showing up and offering value to their audience, regardless of the circumstances. Believing that the right people are watching and want to invest will change your marketing strategy and results dramatically.

4. Do fewer things that are higher impact.

I’m willing to bet you’re doing #allthethings and you’re exhausted and burnt out. When you focus on fewer things that will get you faster results, you’ll be surprised at how much available time you have. It’s not about doing more – it’s about going all in on targeting the right people who are willing to work with and invest in you. Stick to what’s currently working for you and fight the urge to do more.

5. More success equals greater impact.

What is your definition of success? What does it represent to you? If you truly believe that this is your purpose and you’re not just in it for financial gain, then you have a positive view of success. Any negativity that you have about success will not get you to your goal.

6. I’m an expert and I know my stuff.

Chances are you’re overserving your clients beyond your area of expertise. Focus on what you’re naturally good at and know that it’s always enough for the right clients. If you do things outside your area of expertise, you’ll start attracting people who are not a good fit to work with you. That’s when you take full responsibility for their outcome so you beat yourself up and start doubting yourself. In order to get to 6-figures, you have to own the stuff you’re really good at and let your clients take responsibility for their business. Stay in your lane and you’ll go much further.

“You are an expert right now regardless of how many clients you land…regardless of how many people engaged with you or read your emails or reached out to you in discovery calls. You are enough right now! If you can truly own and believe that, there is nothing you can’t do.” -Michelle Vroom

This is your chance to form new beliefs and thoughts that will help you grow in order for you to become a 6-figure business owner.

Here’s to your success!

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