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Episode 037: Why Your Marketing Feels Salesy

Today I am talking about why your marketing feels salesy. I want to let you know how you can turn things around so that your marketing feels genuine and authentic, and so you can land clients with confidence.

I hear people say they’re afraid to talk about what they do or offer a free call because they don’t want to feel salesy. But ladies, we are business owners! And you have to sell and make money in order to run a profitable business. You should not feel like you have to apologize for that.

Here are some reasons why you feel salesy:

  1. You are not aligned with your offer.

This could be a service, a program, a course, a workshop, whatever it is, if you’re not sold on it then your audience isn’t going to be either. If you’re not excited about your offer, you’re probably not showing up and getting visible.

Remember, you cannot push away or offend the right people. The people who are perfect for you and your services will love your messages! You’re providing the solution to their problem. So if you’re not reaching these people, they don’t get to know you and your expertise.

2. You’re not reaching the people with the greatest need.

There are a lot of people you could serve. But who has suffered and struggled long enough that they are ready to work with you? If you’re not reaching the people with the greatest need, then you’re going to hear people telling you they’re not interested and that will fuel your feelings of being salesy.

The people with the greatest need are dying to know what they next step is and how they can work with you. It’s hard to feel salesy when someone is begging you for more information!

3. You haven’t nurtured your audience.

You need to spend some time nurturing your audience. Get to know them, ask them about their struggles, and provide great content that addresses their struggles. When you spend time nurturing your audience you can talk to them about what you offer without feeling salesy because there are people there who are ready for your offer.

Are you skipping over this and not giving your audience enough time and information? Be sure to nurture your audience and don’t rush this part.

4. You’re not confident in yourself and that you can deliver.

When you’re not confident that you can deliver, you feel guilty even asking for money. You hesitate to offer a service because if someone invests and you can’t deliver on the outcome, then you wasted their time and money and that doesn’t feel good.

But why don’t you think you can deliver? You’re a talented expert, I’m sure.  The reason you feel guilty is because you’re not confident in the end result. So instead of blaming external factors, look inside yourself and figure out why you’re not confident.

One of they quickest ways to shift this is to look at examples of when you did deliver. Even if you’re brand new, there have been times in your life or career when you did deliver. Go back to that and remember those examples! When we hit hard times or struggle, out successes and accomplishments leave our brains. So remember that evidence that you did deliver to remind yourself of that.

“At the end of the day you can be aligned with your offer, you can be reaching the people with the greatest need, and you can have nurtured your audience, but if you don’t believe you have the power to deliver, you are always going to feel salesy. This is the first place to start.” – Michelle Vroom

You’ve got to look inside yourself and figure out why you don’t feel confident. Because until you tackle that, anything else I’ve mentioned here is just a short term fix.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Head over to the Market Like a Boss Facebook Group and let us know what things are you going to do to start showing up like the confident boss that you are.

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