Episode 035: Creating Copy That Converts

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Today we welcome special guest Tara Bosler to the show! Tara is an amazing creative copywriter. She has the power to craft messages that connect with people at the emotional level. And when it comes to marketing, that is one of the most important things you can do.

In this episode, Tara shares the top 2 common mistakes she sees other female entrepreneurs make in their copy and messaging:

  1. Skipping foundational copy.

  2. Not being authentic.

Foundational copy is all the essential pieces of your branding. Things like who you are, who you help, what you offer, your mission, your purpose, your vision.

The process of establishing your foundational copy isn’t fun and sexy, it’s a little bit of work, but it’s so important and it makes everything else flow easily.

“It really helps to build that foundation. Then the content just starts coming to you.” – Tara Bosler

Authenticity is huge, especially in online business.  The reason that someone is going to choose you is that they’re attracted to you, your energy, and your values.

“Nobody wants generic. They want specific, authentic, I’m getting the real deal here.” – Tara Bosler

Once you have your foundational copy, Tara also recommends starting with your call to action. If you don’t know what you want people to do and how you want them to engage, then they’re not going to.

With whatever you’re writing, consider:

  • What is your motivation for writing this?

  • What is your purpose for writing this?

“When you have a call to action, and you have a clear navigation for where you want someone to go, then it becomes much easier to start.” – Tara Bosler

Another big tip Tara shares is to give things time. Even if a certain call to action doesn’t work at first, you’ve got to keep with it for a little bit to see results.

The closer you can get with your language to how your clients are talking to themselves, the better. You have to be really in tune with your audience. That comes from having personal conversations with them.

You can get on a call with people or copy and paste what your audience is saying. Sometimes you need to listen to people to hear what they need by what they’re not saying.

Hearing what is at the root of something, and naming those emotions, is what really gets to the impactful, emotional copy. If you can write that and have your audience say, “I was just thinking that!” then you’ve done it.

People also have short attention spans and Tara says you need to recapture their attention every 8 seconds by creating a moment to trigger emotion for them. Examples of these moments can be:

  • Headlines

  • Calls to action

  • Testimonials

  • Funny hashtags

You need to create the emotional connection to increase your likability, which increases your opportunity to be persuasive and convert.

Tara says copy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You really just need to know your next 2 steps, do those, and then figure out your next 2 steps. Knowing your next step in your business will help you figure out what piece of copy you need next. Don’t get caught up in trying to do too much, keep it simple.

To connect with Tara and learn more, visit her website, www.tboslerwriting.com. Tara is offering a chance for you to book your 2020 project at 2019 rates if you book by the end of this year, see pricing details below:

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