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Episode 033: How I Close 80% of My Discovery Calls

When I first started getting on the phone with potential clients I was closing 15% to 20% of the calls. Now I close nearly 80% and there are several specific reasons why.

The things I’m talking about today are all related to marketing, not sales. For more information on sales, you can check out the conversation I had with Ryann Dowdy on Podcast Episode 31.

If you want to start closing discovery calls and landing clients with ease, you’ve got to make sure your marketing is doing some of the work for you up front.

“If your marketing is not working hard enough, you are going to continue to struggle on discovery calls… EVEN IF you have great sales tactics.” – Michelle Vroom

Here are the 5 specific things I’ve done that have helped increase my close rate on discovery calls:

1.  I’ve gotten super clear on who my audience is and my messaging

You have to know who you are targeting. You cannot get by marketing to everyone and trying to please everybody. The more you try to be everything to everyone, the less you are able to serve the people who need you most.

Your messaging goes along with this. Once you are clear on who you are targeting, you can craft messages that are really specific to your target market and their challenges.

2.  I built an audience of my own

If you don’t have your own audience you are going to struggle. I built my own audience, my Facebook group, Market Like a Boss: Female Entrepreneurs Finding Dream Clients, where people can get to know me, my style, and what I’m all about. So now I have a queue of dream clients constantly ready to work with me.

People get on discovery calls because of relationships and they make decisions based on emotion. So you need to build an audience of your own to form and nurture relationships if you want to land consistent clients.

3.  I deliver a ton of value to my community

It is important to me to be able to serve my audience well. It is fun for me! If it doesn’t feel fun for you, then your audience will pick up on that.

In the online world, most people wait to make decisions until they can validate whether the expert can help them. Prove to your audience that you can help them by providing plenty of value and serving them up front for free.

4.  I address objections in my marketing content

You need to start addressing objections before you even get on a discovery call with a potential client. Think about the top objections you receive. Create some content to address these objections so your audience can start to overcome them. This will help your calls convert faster.

5.  I stopped being attached to the outcome

You have to let go of control and trust that you’ve done what it takes to attract the right people. Not everyone is going to love your message and see the value in what you provide. Not everyone will say yes on the discovery call. But the right people will!

Remove the pressure by realizing that you are simply helping guide someone to whatever decision is best for them. You’ll be surprised at how easily you land clients once you remove that pressure.

These 5 things have significantly increased my close rate on discovery calls and I know they will work for you, too! I’d love to hear which of these things resonated the most with you. You can always email me at michelle@vroomcommunications.com to continue this conversation.

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