Episode 019: 5 Things Your Audience Doesn’t Care About

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Today I’m talking about 5 things your audience does not care about.

How many times do we get inside our own heads, get in our own way, and look at every little thing we do and pick it apart? As women, especially high achieving women, we do that all the time.

But your audience doesn’t care about most of the stuff you care about. They really don’t!

Here is a list of 5 things that your audience doesn’t care about:

1.     How much experience you have.

We think our audience cares about our credentials. I hear women say they just need to learn more, or take another course, or get some credentials so people will take them seriously. And my question is, “why aren’t YOU taking yourself seriously?”

Your audience is not worried about your experience. They want to know that you’ve served clients and helped people get results. But they don’t care about what college you went to or whether or not you have your masters or if you’re certified.

They care about if you can get them from point A to point B. They care about themselves! They care about their current issue, their current problem, the thing that they’re struggling with.

2.     If you’re perfect.

Perfection is something that hinders so many amazingly talented women. A lot of women feel like they have to be perfect to get consistent clients.

But people, your ideal clients, don’t want perfect. In fact, people like imperfection. It makes you seem more real! It is very difficult to connect with someone who is always putting their best face forward and saying they’re perfect.

“Your clients need to be able to connect with you and relate to you.” – Michelle Vroom

3.     How much money you’re making.

They want to know that you have done what they want to do. Have you been where they’ve been? Are you a couple of steps ahead of them?

You probably don’t really want to attract people who are focused on money anyway. Those people are going to be a nightmare to work with! It shouldn’t be about the money.

Money does not define your value. You are valuable on your own, regardless of how much money you make.

4.     What tools you are using.

I see a lot of women focused on behind-the-scenes busy work (updating your website, creating fancy graphics, buying expensive tools). If you don’t have clients and you’re focused on the tools, you’re focused on the wrong area!

It’s not about the tools. Tools don’t form relationships. Tools keep you stuck and hidden behind your computer.

You don’t need tools to make a connection with your ideal client. You need visibility.

You get to decide what tools you use. But if you’re letting tools become your focus instead of visibility, that’s the issue you need to tackle to bring in clients.

5.     How you are feeling.

Your audience doesn’t care if you’re feeling anxious, nervous, or uncomfortable. Many of us use those emotions as an excuse not to show up for our audience.

Your audience doesn’t care about your feelings; they care about their problems. If you’re letting your feelings keep you from talking to your audience about how you can solve their problems… that’s what you need to fix.

Market like the boss that you are! Market on the days when you’re not feeling great. Market on the days when it seems like no one is listening. You need to show up consistently if you want clients consistently.

“If your visibility in your marketing is conditional on how you’re feeling, then you are never going to feel like you want to do it.” – Michelle Vroom

If you are feeling down or discouraged, figure out why, and tackle that so that you can show up for your audience.

If you’re struggling in any of these areas then come talk to me! I help my clients market themselves and put themselves out there. And I also help them tackle these internal mindset issues like focusing on the wrong things. Send me an email at michelle@vroomcommunications.com and we can set up a time to talk!

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