Episode 014: Stop Doing These Things in Your Marketing

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These are things that I see so many women doing, but it’s time to stop. They are killing your marketing!

You might realize you’re doing these things consciously, but you’re oblivious to the fact that you’re actually doing them on a day-to-day basis.

Stop doing these 6 things:

1.     Trying to please everyone

Maybe you’re trying to show up the way you think you should. Maybe you’re putting messages out there that are cookie cutter or you’re afraid to show people what you’re all about. Maybe you’re trying to reach everybody because you don’t want to risk not getting that client.

“Your desire to please everyone is actually keeping you hidden from your dream client.” – Michelle Vroom

Your dream client can’t find you because you’re so consumed and worried about pleasing the wrong people.

To work through this, reflect on these questions:

  • Why are you trying to please everyone?

  • Where does the desire to please everyone come from?

  • How is it manifesting itself in your business?

  • What do you need to do to shift it?

Dream clients are going to love you even more when you show up and take a stand for what you believe in.

2.     Focusing on yourself instead of your clients

It’s not about you! If you keep thinking it’s about you, you’re going to push your clients away. It’s about the potential clients, the people who need your services.

What do they need to hear? If they work with you, what’s in it for them? 

It is selfish not to show up just because you had a bad day or don’t feel like anyone is listening. Potential clients need to hear your message.

Stop putting yourself first. It’s not all about you. The faster you can realize that, the more clients you will bring in.

3.     Convincing people to work with you

When you feel like you have to convince people to work with you, you’re bringing the wrong energy to the table.

No one wants to be strong-armed! Why would you want to work with someone who feels convinced? Don’t you want to work with someone who’s all in on you and what you provide?

Let go of the control and let your potential clients make their own decision. The right people will love your messages and they will sign on.

You don’t need to convince the right people, they’re already convinced. So stop trying to convince people because it’s causing you to look desperate. And no one likes desperation.

4.     Staying comfortable

Staying in your comfort zone is a sure fire way not to land clients and not to grow.

Is marketing always going feel comfortable and safe and easy? NOPE!

Are you getting new results when you’re doing the same things you’ve always done? If not, then why do you want to keep doing it?

You have to get uncomfortable if you want to get clients. You can’t stay in your comfort zone and expect clients to come to you. You need to go to them.

  • What’s holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone?

  • What are you afraid of? 

Go deep on this! You nee to figure out what your underlying fear is.

5.     Waiting for the right time

If you’re waiting for the right time you will always be waiting. There is no right time!

You need to just do it. Once you take that action, there is so much clarity waiting for you on the other side.

Every single action I’ve taken in my business, whether it was good or bad or something in between, has always given me additional clarity. I’ve always learned something from it. And I take those learnings and apply them to the next thing that I do so I can make it even better. It’s a continual growth process.

“There is no right time. Give yourself permission to take action today.” – Michelle Vroom

6. Letting your emotions rule you

We believe that our emotions are factual but they are not. When you feel a strong emotion (like fear or self-doubt) you need to separate the fact from the feeling.

Ask yourself if something is a fact or just how you feel at the moment. If it is how you feel at the moment, what are the facts and how do you know that they’re facts?

We assume that what we are feeling is true. It’s ok to feel your feelings, but you can’t put them in control. 

You are making progress, look back to a year ago! But your emotions can make you believe that you’re never going to make this work. You ARE making this work! Stop believing your emotions and giving them credit.

I hope that this has been helpful and gives you some clarity and insight into what you’re currently doing in your marketing that is not working, and how you can shift things so that you can grow faster.

It’s time to let go of habits that are no longer serving you. I’m here cheering you on because I believe in you!

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