Your Roadmap to Consistent Clients

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You're riding the "revenue rollercoaster" and want more consistency. That means having a simple, well-oiled marketing plan you can follow every month to get clients without fail. 

You feel like you should be able to do this on your own and have tried a lot of different strategies. You're ready to decide and commit to a proven system that works and aren't afraid to invest in support that will save you time.

You’re hanging out in Facebook groups ‘providing value’ and hoping someone recognizes your brilliance. You check your DMs 50 times a day just.in.case someone slides in looking to book you (fingers crossed!)

You're not sure what daily action to take to get clients. You've got momentum and energy and you're ready to commit to taking massive action every day to grow your business...you just need direction and accountability.

You’re super attached to the clients you do have and are hesitant to raise prices. This keeps you in a cycle of undercharging and needing more clients to make up the gap.


The cycle doesn’t have to continue.

When you have a group of potential clients at your fingertips, you can make money whenever and however you want.


The Dream Client Accelerator

A proven roadmap to making money from a Facebook group in 90 days or less

In this program you’ll create and monetize your own community so you can be in the driver’s seat and get clients whenever you need them.

No more chasing down clients or crossing your fingers for the next referral because now your dream clients are right in front of you.

How good will it feel to know you can ‘turn on the tap’ and land a new client, anytime you please?

You’ll finally create a business and revenue you can rely on, so you can reach your business and life goals.


Hi! I’m Michelle Vroom and I have good news.

There are thousands of people hungry for your expertise. Which means getting clients has never been easier (or more fun).

I’ve helped hundreds of women go from waiting on clients to making money anytime they want. As a mom of three crazy boys I know your time and energy is limited. You don't have any hours to waste on things that don’t bring you clients.

In the Dream Client Accelerator I’ll help you stay focused and prioritize the things that really matter so that clients (and money) flow freely to you. I've cracked the code on making multiple 6-figures working 25 hours a week with 3 kids at home and I can help you do the same.


Imagine knowing you'll get clients & make money every month...no matter what life throws at you.

Fully booked out (and 11K in the bank!)

"Before joining the Dream Client Accelerator, I was solely relying on word-of-mouth for my business but it wasn't taking off. Now I am booked out in my business for the first time ever. I'm also on track to leave my full-time job next summer. Investing in the Accelerator is by far the best thing I've done for myself in a really long time." 

Sarah Coffield (website designer)

She’s hearing ‘yes!’ on discovery calls

"Most of my clients have been from referrals. I never got a client from a discovery call until I joined the Accelerator. Thanks to the program, I feel a lot more confident talking to people about my business, which has made a huge difference. I think this was the best decision I've made for my business to date."

Lindsey White (social media manager)

Biggest month ever!

"The DCA has changed my life. I just had my biggest month last month at $7K. I did not think I could ever do that. I also left my 9-5 and went full-time in my business. I 100% wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for Michelle and her program."

Aly Robins (website designer)

The ACCELERATOR is for you if...

You're an online service provider or coach who wants to be in control of getting clients

You've landed a few clients here and there (mostly from referrals), but want consistency and to have your clients come from your group

You're a high-achieving go-getter who wanted results yesterday. You're 1000% committed and extremely motivated

You're ready to learn and don't need your hand held. Success is NOT optional for you

You want the support and accountability that comes with being part of a community of smart women (many of them busy moms) just like you

You’re done with feeling scared, stuck, and worrying you’re ‘not good enough’

You’re ready to step up and take daily actions that get results


A proven method to create clients on demand with ease



  • How to start a group people want to be part of
  • Create a ‘heck yes I’m in!’ reason to join your group
  • The secret to a highly-engaged group that EVERYONE wants to hang out in
  • How to lovingly filter people who aren’t client-material away from your group
  • Run a destination event in your group that showcases your brilliance
  • Promote your event and fill your group with dream clients like THAT *snaps fingers*
  • Have people lining up to work with you


  • What content to post to build relationships with your dream clients
  • How to position yourself as an authority without being spammy 
  • How to sell your future clients on your offer without even talking about it
  • How to nurture your audience so you’ve always got people reaching out to work with you
  • How to welcome people to your group & keep them engaged so they keep coming back
  • [CHEAT SHEET] Content ideas that convert - plug these into your group!


  • Offer sales calls in a natural and easy way (no more seeming desperate, needy or graspy)
  • Skip the sales page and go straight to a call (get to the sale faster!)
  • See how to host sales calls that are enjoyable for both you and your client
  • How to sell yourself on your offer before the call
  • Confidently overcome objections, without feeling salesy or uncomfortable 
  • How to easily follow up with leads so they look forward to hearing from you!
  • Make offers without even thinking about it - they just roll off the tongue :)


You've made money in your business so far, but you want more consistency.

You want to be in control of getting clients anytime you want. 

You want to feel confident that every time you post about your offer in your group,  members will buy.

You know there's a LOT that goes into making money from your group.

Marketing. Mindset. Sales. You get the picture!

You’ll be amazed at how fast and easily you’ll move forward when supported in the key areas you need to grow - and how you’ll take action with confidence from knowing you’re on the right track.

That’s why the Accelerator is built to help you in the areas you need support the most, with weekly coaching calls and personalized strategic advice. 

Plus it's a lifetime program...so once you're in, you're in for good. That way you have the support and coaching you need, no matter what life throws at you.

“Joining the DCA has helped me put my blinders on and dig deep into one thing - my Facebook group."

After working with hundreds of smart entrepreneurs like you, I know there’s

5 things you need to grow a
profitable service-based business

And you get them all in the Accelerator!

Get the proven step-by-step framework to sign new clients in the first 90 days (or less)

Surround yourself with other women who are on the same path.  No more walking the lonely biz road alone! Support is just a post away when you’re connected with other driven entrepreneurs who ‘get it’

Get weekly personalized coaching and feedback from our team in the key areas that move your business forward

The Boss Vault is packed to the brim with ready-to-use training anytime you need a resource (more on this in a sec)

Start every week with a crystal clear plan and know exactly what to focus on. You’ve been in biz long enough to know that following through and ‘getting things done’ moves the needle, and weekly accountability practice keeps you focused and on track with your goals

 I've worked with other coaches before but never felt as confident as I already do in just 3 weeks in the DCA. I love the framework. It makes it easy to follow a system, modified for my needs.

Kim Martin

Here, take a sneak peek at the


Get all the resources to grow your business on demand.

The Vault is ready and waiting, filled to the brim with grab-and-go resources you can use straight away:

Step-by-step videos

Cheat sheets


“The Vault is absolutely filled with training and resources."

All this (and more) is ready and waiting for you inside The Accelerator!

We’re ready to celebrate your success in our Facebook group!


Are you ready for a $10K month?