Want to sell out your offer?

Let me show you how.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You want to make consistent revenue for your family

You want the freedom of being able to post (or schedule a post) that makes you money.

You want to be in control of signing clients through the words you create.

You want to retire your spouse. Or care for your family if your spouse were to ever lose their job.

You want to spend money on your kids and buy the silly stuff they want (that is always the most expensive.)

You want to make enough money in your business to invest in hiring help.

I want this for you too, and it's totally possible...

when you know how to sell through your content.

Imagine posting about having spots available and having those spots get snatched up like that *snaps fingers*

This is what awaits you in

Sold Out Standard

A roadmap to sell out your offer with ease

Selling through your content is a skill that you'll carry with you everywhere. That will serve you in EVERY situation in business.

It's been the difference between me signing clients who are super committed to the work and those who aren't.

It's been the difference between me making money while I was on maternity leave (and my husband was out of work) than not making anything at all because I wasn't able to launch or jump on sales calls.

It's been the difference between people knowing my name online and tagging me in threads and inviting me to speaking opportunities (I just spoke in a 7-figure business owner's mastermind last week) than feeling like an unknown.

Inside Sold Out Standard, we'll cover

four key areas to becoming sold out:

sold out standard roadmap (2)

This program is very customized

We'll focus on the areas of the roadmap you need the most support with. We're not throwing out what's working or replacing it with something new...we're helping you do more of what's working to make more money.

When you know how to make money from your content, your marketing and sales get better too.

Here are the "side effects" of joining Sold Out Standard:

More confidence in your skills and the results you deliver for your clients.

More clarity in describing your outcome to the people who need it most.

More freedom to make money from even just one post.

A waitlist of people wanting to work with you so that anytime a client comes or goes, you can fill their spot right away (which minimize and revenue dips).

More time saved because you're not having to run events every single month. Just one post can do the selling for you...even when you're not at your computer.

Higher conversions on sales calls because people are coming to the call already sold on you.

A deeper knowledge of who your ideal client is and what they need to hear to work with you. You'll get so good at being inside their head that every time they read a post of yours it feels like you took the words right out of their mouth...which makes them want to work with you even more.

A simplified marketing plan so you're only focusing on the things that will help you sell out faster.


Hi! I’m Michelle Vroom and I have good news.

There are thousands of people hungry for your expertise. Which means getting clients has never been easier (or more fun).

I’ve helped hundreds of women go from waiting on clients to making money anytime they want. As a mom of three crazy boys I know your time and energy is limited. You don't have any hours to waste on things that don’t bring you clients.

In the Sold Out Standard I’ll help you stay focused and prioritize the things that really matter so that clients (and money) flow freely to you. I've cracked the code on making multiple 6-figures working 25 hours a week with 3 kids at home and I can help you do the same.


This is for you if...

You're ready to commit to selling one offer for six months straight

You've sold your offer at least a few times before.

You have an audience of at least 100+

You're already putting out content (maybe you're a creator yourself) and want to uplevel your skills.

You don't want to rely on launches to make money and would like to make more sales from your content.

You're driven, determined, and in the right headspace to succeed.

Here’s what you get in the Sold Out Standard:

Weekly coaching calls to talk through your content and your marketing plan.

Monthly content audits where I will review your content and give you personal feedback and suggestions.

Opportunities to submit your content every week for my team to review.

Private community to ask questions between calls and brainstorm ways to sell more powerfully through your content.

Virtual kick-off event to create your roadmap to selling out. We'll make all the decisions in the first two days of the program so you can spend the rest of the time taking action (which will get you results faster).

Monthly co-working sessions where you'll write content together as a group. Hearing how others in different industries are approaching their content will make yours that much stronger.

Live trainings that I'm recording for the first time...which means you get even more access to me and the opportunity to ask questions as I'm recording them (which won't be the case for future rounds).

You don't have to rely on launching to have your biggest months ever...you could schedule posts, go on vacation, and STILL make sales.

Ready to be fully booked?

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when Sold Out Standard opens again (with special bonuses!)


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