Month: January 2020

5 Lessons Learned in 2019

So you’ve decided to market your business. You’ve invested in a website and made sure your products and services are the best they can possibly be. You’re ready to usher new clients in the door.

Only you’re hearing crickets. No one is visiting your website. No one is calling or emailing to inquire about your services. You feel like you’re on a deserted island trying to flag down the rescue helicopter. And worse, you’ve spent a ton of money on marketing with nothing to show for it.

Episode 042: Crushing Limiting Beliefs

MEET THE GUEST: As a business and career coach, Coryn Quester helps aspiring and existing entrepreneurs bring the business of their dreams to life. Her mission is to help people understand that closing the gap between going from employee to entrepreneur is simpler than you think! WHERE TO FIND CORYN ONLINE: Website – https://corynquester.com/ Instagram …

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