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I help business coaches & marketing strategists reach their first $100k and beyond

without the fluff

You’re already an expert in your field and you can totally help your clients grow their businesses, but marketing your own business is a whole different ball game. (How frustrating, right?!)

When you know exactly who your dream client is and how to find them, it’s way easier to cut through the onslaught of advice online and everyone else’s “silver bullet” solution. That’s when you’ll break through to the other side with the confidence to know exactly how to market - to your dream clients and grow your business the way you want to.

There’s no cookie cutter template or overnight success when it comes to marketing. But believe me when I tell you: Your dream clients do exist and they will pay your high-ticket prices. You just need some support in pinpointing who they are and where they hang out - and you need that support from someone who’s actually been there and done it.

Once you’ve landed those dream clients, you can do it again and again because the level of success I help you reach is repeatable.

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As a PR exec turned multi 6-figure business owner and mom of 3 little kiddos, I’ve learned how to make the most of my work time (I work less than 30 hours a week).

As a result, I’ve been able to double my income several times over without doubling my workload. (Yes, for real!) I haven’t done it on my own though. I invest in my own business support through a business coach, my operations team and independent contractors, not to mention my personal support network I rely on including my husband, parents and loyal friends.

With a focus on organic relationship-building, messaging that resonates with my dream clients, and a custom strategy for bringing in leads on repeat, my business supports my family and allows me to make money anytime I want. I'm on track to hit half a million dollars this year without sacrificing family time, make a massive impact in helping other female coaches/strategists chase their passion, and donate to charities that change our world for the better. That’s my dream - what’s yours?

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DREAM CLIENT accelerator

Step-by-step marketing plan to build relationships, show up consistently & sign dream clients EVERY month

SOLD OUT  standard

Create demand & sell out your offer so you can go from 50K to 100K without doubling your workload

“I knew I needed an expert coach to challenge me on mindset, ideal client refinement and building confidence. Before working with Michelle, I was hitting $10k months. Within a month of working with Michelle, I hit a $30k month and created the foundation for consistent $30k- $50k months.”

Doreen Korba, President, Doreen Korba Consulting LLC

“Before I started with Michelle, I was marketing myself as a VA because it was easy and I was able to sign clients. Even though I was fully booked, I wasn’t happy or making the money I wanted. Michelle helped me clarify the direction I really wanted to go (coaching). Since working with Michelle, it’s now easy to create marketing for my ideal client and I'm consistently growing my business.”

Krista Bauer, Founder, Krista Bauer Soulful Business Coach


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